The Energy of Your Business 

Daily Success Ritual 

A Powerful Daily Ritual to Take Your Intuitive Coaching or

Healing Practice to a Whole New Energetic Level. 

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3 Instant Results You’ll Gain After using the Success Ritual 

  • Instantly raise your energy to attract your soulmate clients! 

  • Tune deeper into your intuition and align your energy for the downloads the Universe is ready to send you.

  • Gain crystal clear clarity to take the inspired and aligned action steps to your 6+ figure biz goals. 


"I actually ended up filling my group program and creating over $12,000 worth of income! Melissa helped me identify a block I had around not feeling wanted and it really helped me to transform my business. By doing the energy work consistently, I was able to remove barriers and improve my business quickly."

Nicole Liloia, Coach for Women Entrepreneurs I

"Shortly after working with Melissa I saw evidence of shifts in my life and my business. My income increased and I was able to breathe new life into my business. I am energized and am confident I will be hitting my goals this year thanks to Melissa's help, she's amazing!"

Maryann Candito, Spirit Mentor, Intuitive Life and Biz Coach I

100% secure. Privacy Policy.